About the courts volleyball club


Our History

The Courts Volleyball Club (VBC) was created in 2006 by Ron Hoffman, Club and Co-Training Program Director; and Ruth O'Callaghan, Co-Training Program Director and Lead Clinician. The primary purpose of The Courts VBC is to offer quality fundamental skill training to beginning players and players with limited experience, ages 8 to 14, who are interested in developing the skills and confidence needed to transition from recreational volleyball to competitive "junior club" or school volleyball teams.  

Why We Are Different

Ron saw a need to offer a skill training for athletes who tried out for a junior club team, but who do not make a team and had no place to receive quality fundamentation skill training to improve their chances to make a team in the future.  Additionally, Ron saw a void for athletes whose primary sport or interest was not competitive volleyball, but who desire quality fundamental skill training so that they improve their chances for making their middle or high school volleyball teams.

Athletes That Attend The Courts VBC Training

The Courts VBC was principally established for athletes, ages 8 thru 14, who: 

  • Want to transition from recreational to competitive volleyball and need more fundamental skills training; 
  • Tried out for a competitive junior volleyball “club”,  but do not make a team; or 
  • May be involved in other sports or activities and who want quality fundamental training to improve their individual skills and understanding of competitive team system volleyball, so they can compete for a position on their middle or high school teams.